Just 3 Steps: To help Afghanistan achieve economic growth without a donation

Buy From Afghanistan

LONDON: Afghanistan like many mineral rich nations of Africa is loaded with natural resources. It has also received billions in aid from United Kingdom, European Union and the United States. But unlike African nations, which suffer from the ‘Resource Curse’, Afghanistan has been infected by the ‘The Curse of Aid’. 

Billions of pounds, euros and dollars of tax payers money from the west have ended up making warlords, government officials and corrupt politicians extremely rich, while leaving the common citizens on the brink of starvation. With no accountability and consequences for the waste, theft and plunder of aid money, the people of Afghanistan are forced to face a catastrophic situation with the highest unemployment, poverty and extremists at the gates of the nation ready to feast on blood.

We all know that aid does not reach those who deserve it and politicians are too immoral to be bothered. We know that a lot of common citizens from United Kingdom, Europe as well as the rest of the world want to help. But they don’t know how to help.

So the British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry founded economic Think Tank Afghanistan Enterprise Council has come up with Just 3 Steps that anyone can follow to help Afghanistan achieve organic and aid free economic growth.

Led by visionary entrepreneurs, we believe in the saying ‘The power of the people, is the power of God’, let’s use our divine power to help Afghanistan stand on its feet.

The 3 simple steps to create jobs, transform communities and free Afghanistan from the curse of aid:

1. Like Afghan products and businesses on social media 


Afghanistan is located in the heart of Asia and in the centre of the ancient Silk Road stretching from China in the east to Britain in the west. The people of Afghanistan have a rich history of art, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship going back thousands of years. They are hardworking farmers, artisans and traders.

As farmers they grow the world’s best saffron. Known as red gold, saffron is the most expensive spice on the planet, and Afghan saffron has been ranked the best in the word for the past three years. As craftspeople with rich poetic history of Rumi, scientific heritage of Ibne Sina and architectural wonders of Ghazni, Afghans make the most magical kilims and carpets in the world. Afghan carpets have been recognised as the best in the world for the past two consecutive years. And as traders, the people of Afghanistan offer the world fair-trade, environmentally friendly and highly competitive prices on their goods made in Afghanistan.

By simply liking and commenting on products and businesses from Afghanistan on social media, you will be bringing attention to the people in remote areas of Afghanistan, their skills and products, and someone from your network might buy something from these businesses, creating jobs, opportunities and income for food, and education for their children.

2. Share Afghan products and businesses on social media


Each year, United Kingdom, Germany, France, United States and many other countries pay intergovernmental agencies and international development contractors tens of millions of pounds, euros and dollars to promote Afghan products and help Afghans trade.

The majority of the employees of these agencies and contractors come with backgrounds from the same government departments that fund them, with no insight, experience or vision for innovation, entrepreneurship or trade. No one asks questions and no wonder billions disappear.

Using a gig economy model of Airbnb, Uber and Deliveroo from London’s Tech Roundabout, we want to mobilise the people to share every single social media post with products from Afghanistan and use hashtags like #BuyFromAfghanistan or #MadeInAfghanistan to break the internet with goods from Afghanistan. Again, it will help increase the sale, import and export of Afghan products through exposure to your social media networks and get things go viral.

3. Buy From Afghanistan 

Buy From Afghanistan

The British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BACCI) in collaboration with the Euro – Afghan Chamber of Commerce (EACC), Afghan Business Association UK and SMEs in Afghanistan have launched the Buy From Afghanistan Online Shop to serve increasing customer demand from across Europe.

The Buy From Afghanistan program was initially launched by BACCI to facilitate wholesale exports to Europe and America but the service has now been expanded to serve retail customers. With just a single click and free delivery for European countries, you can now buy elegant jewellery and premium rugs direct from Afghanistan.

We have set up bases in multiple countries in Europe to serve both wholesale and retail customers just like Amazon serves the world. Whether it is wholesale or retail, whether you are in Afghanistan or across the world, just buy from Afghanistan. It is moral, socially responsible and brings you the best ranked products in the world.

At the end, we fulfil our shared moral responsibility towards humanity and the people of Afghanistan, and achieve our goal of helping rebuild lives, communities and Afghanistan through an organic economic intervention, by simply following just 3 steps with a few clicks and on the move.