Serial entrepreneur Yousuf Dawran joins BACCI board to boost Afghan exports

Photo: Startup Grind Afghanistan

LONDON: Young Afghan serial entrepreneur Yousuf Dawran has joined British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BACCI) board of advisers to help boost Afghan exports to United Kingdom, Europe and United States. 

Mr Dawran is the founder and CEO of Pace Group of Companies in Afghanistan and the Afghan Business Centre in India.

He is an industry expert on Afghan fruits, dried fruits and nuts as well as one of the leading exporters of Afghan products to India.

In a conference call with BACCI chairman Dr Mohammad Hotak and director Mr John Bennett, Mr Dawran joined from his office in India along with his chief strategy officer, Mr Mir Akhgar from New York, and agreed to collaborate on Buy From Afghanistan project to help increase Afghan exports to UK, Europe and USA.

Mr Dawran and BACCI leaders discussed and agreed to work together on improving quality control, hygiene standards and supply chain management of Afghan products to meet European and North American import standards.

Mr Dawran also suggested focusing on high value, long shelf-life and easily transportable products with competitive advantage in global markets.

The teams shared pipelines of upcoming projects and agreed to kick-start discussions with clients to close deals.