Zularistan, the leading solar energy company in Afghanistan, joins BACCI


KABUL: Afghanistan’s leading solar and renewable energy company Zularistan, has joined British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BACCI). 

The innovative company was founded by visionary entrepreneur Emal Barakzai, who is on a mission to take Afghanistan from darkness into light.

Mr Barakzai wants to turn Afghanistan into a self-dependent renewable energy producer and deliver cost-effective, clean and sustainable energy into every home in Afghanistan.

Zularistan Energy for Afghanistan (ZEFA) signed the first ever utility scale Solar PV project of 15MWp with DABS which will be constructed in Kandahar province of AFGHANISTAN.

Solar energy for Afghanistan means: reliable electric power supply without the negative environmental and health influences for people and society.

Zularistan works with high-class suppliers and provides consultation, construction and installation services through its national service network of highly qualified engineers throughout Afghanistan.

The count German manufacturers as well as established producers from all over the world with high-graded products as their partners.

Active in Afghanistan since 2005, they are creating jobs, contributing to the economy of Afghanistan and bringing clean energy to people.

Zularistan has extensive track record of implementing national projects in close cooperation with SonnenPlus GmbH and organisations and NGOs such as German Aid for Afghan Children, USAID (DAI, IRG), PRT, GPFA, GTZ, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World bank) and the red cross.

For more information, please visit Zularistan Website