LONDON: British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BACCI) chairman Dr Mohammad Hotak will appear on Emerging Opportunities Show with Gavin Serkin to discuss trade and investment opportunities in Afghanistan. 

Emerging Opportunities Show on Share Radio, is the only TV or radio show dedicated to global frontier & emerging markets.

Dr Hotak will be interviewed by Gavin Serkin for the show, who is a former Bloomberg emerging markets editor, author of Frontier: Exploring the Top Ten Emerging Markets of Tomorrow (A “must read” by the Financial Times) and founder of Frontier Funds, Emerging Opportunities show on Share Radio and Media Adviser to Krzana, the world’s biggest real-time business news search engine.

Afghanistan is one of the few markets in the world which has not been fully showcased to the investors’ community yet.

Dr Hotak who is the founder and chairman of BACCI is on a mission to get international investment into Afghanistan and help the country stand on its economic feet in order to prevent it from sliding back into anarchy.

The interview comes only a week after BACCI co-hosted the Silk Road Investment Forum and Dr Hotak chaired key panels.