LONDON: British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman, Dr Mohammad Hotak chaired an important panel Youth: Our Future at the World Humanitarian Forum in London.

The panel which included young leaders from Asia, Africa and Middle East focused on the challenges that youth face and the amazing things that young leaders are doing.

  1. Dr. Mohammad Hotak Chairman British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  2. Basima Abdulrahman Founder, CEO, Youth Leader WEF, KESK
  3. Serene Dardari Founder Shams Network
  4. Vivian Onano Women & Girls Advocate Leading Light Initiative

Globally one in eight youth are unemployed; 126 million youth cannot read or write and another 63 million adolescents of lower secondary school age are currently out of school. It’s estimated 600 million young people are living in conflict zones or fragile states and every minute a young woman is infected with HIV. Furthermore, over 500 million young people live on less than US$2 a day. These numbers are stark. We need evidence-based youth policies, tailored and adapted to national and local contexts, to help ensure that youth development challenges are addressed.

The panellists shared their insight and experiences about which policies and programmes have worked and which didn’t. They also shared the lessons that they learnt.